Bond Origination services

SI Bond Originators strive to assist our bond-seeking clients’ needs in the best way possible. We are connected to all banks to ensure our clients of the best possible rates and deals.


·       New Home loans
–       Getting started
–       First time home buyers
–       Bond registration process

·       Switching your existing home loan
·       Refinancing of home loans
·       Building loans
·       Managing your home loan
·       Registration of properties


1. Turning pessimism into joy
2. S&I can get bonds through SA Home Loans – a true USP
3. Admin assistance throughout the application process
4. 90% successful application rate
5. We empower our client to control application timeframe through constant and clear communication

S&I is a diversified Financial services group, with four specialist business units operating independently to ensure your service requirements are met at every level.

Diversified Financial Services

Estate Administration Services

Bond Origination services

Property Sales and Rentals

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